Customer Service

Customer Care Charter
Our Customer Care Charter sets out the standards of service
you should expect from CV Life.

Courtesy and Consideration
• We will be welcoming, polite, professional, courteous, positive and helpful.
• We will listen in order to understand and respond to your needs.
• We will respect your right to privacy, confidentiality and safety.
• We will treat everyone fairly and equally.

• We will ensure that signage around the centres is easy to follow.
• Our opening times will be clearly displayed and will be adhered to.
• We will strive to make our services as accessible as possible and to as many people as possible.

• We will be well informed so that we are able to help you.
• We aim to keep to our appointments.
• We will look to respond to all enquiries promptly.
• When you contact us by telephone we will aim to either answer or return your call promptly.
• We will provide an efficient and reliable service.

• We will use clear and concise language.
• We will tell you who you are speaking to.
• We will provide accurate and up to date information.
• We will not breach any confidentialities in our communication with you or others.

Helping us to help you
• Let us know when we have done something well.
• Treat us with the same courtesy and politeness that you would expect from our service and team.
• Make suggestions if you think there are ways we could improve our services.

Complaints Procedure
If you believe our service has fallen short of the expectations that we set ourselves and that we have set for you, then there is a procedure for informing us of your concerns.

Making a Complaint
• Complaints can be made in person, written via a customer feedback card, e-mail or by telephone.
• Complaints received by a customer feedback card are the responsibility of the Centre Manager,
who will address the complaint directly, or forward it to the relevant Manager to deal with.
• Wherever possible, the Duty Manager will deal with complaints initially, otherwise the complaint can be referred to a Centre Manager using a Customer Feedback card.
• Similarly, if the Duty Manager is unable to resolve the issue it will be forwarded to the Centre
• On the rare occasions where a Customer Complaint cannot be resolved by the Duty Manager or
Centre Manager, any complaints or representations shall be escalated to the appropriate Senior
• CV Life will not tolerate any complaints that are made to a member of staff
in a threatening or abusive manner and will not tolerate any unacceptable language in making

Dealing with Complaints
• We will always endeavour to acknowledge receipt of complaint within 2 working days.
• We will always endeavour to resolve complaints within 5 working days if practical, depending upon the complexity of the complaint and the investigation process that will determine the outcome.
• We will continue to communicate with a complainant as to the progress of any complaint that has been made, along with information in relation to next steps and the ongoing process.

Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Service
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