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Lifestyles is a fitness brand with a difference. Our aim is to make high-quality facilities available to everyone – so we can all be more physically active, and lead healthier lives.

Lifestyles operates a wide range of fitness facilities across CC Life sites. These include fitness suites, swimming pools, exercise studios and health suites. Our city-wide locations include Centre AT7, Xcel Leisure Centre and The Alan Higgs Centre. From Summer 2019, Lifestyles will also operate the new Mana Spa and fitness facilities at The Wave in Coventry.

Each Lifestyles club is firmly rooted in its community, and has an open culture in which our members feel that they can just have a go. Our gyms – and our instructors – are friendly, approachable and above all straight-forward. We prioritise offering opportunities to everyone we want as many people as possible to take part – and that means keeping our membership rates affordable.

Our theory is simple: if you’re comfortable and have access to great facilities, you’ll visit us more often and become fitter.

So Lifestyles is an approach to fitness as much as it is a chain of fitness facilities. We just think fitness is better – and easier! – this way. Pop in to a Centre near you and see for yourself.

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