Environmental Sustainability Commitment Statement

CV Life’s purpose and mission is to bring about meaningful and lasting quality of life improvements for the diverse communities of Coventry through our sport and culture facilities. We recognise that we play a leading role in the regeneration and sustainability of Coventry, and therefore CV Life are working to embed environmental sustainability in all that we do.  

We are committed to avoiding and minimising any negative impacts on the environment and seek to leave a positive legacy through continual improvement in our sustainability performance and facility management, alongside influencing our key partners, supply chains, and other stakeholders. In pursuit of this aim, CV Life is working in partnership with Nature Positive Ltd. on a robust assessment of our current sustainability performance and the development of an Environmental Sustainability Policy and Action Plan. Through this partnership we will also engage with staff, leadership, and the CV life boardto identify key focus areas and effective actions. We have additionally entered the preliminary stages of the Quest Award scheme, providing means of transparency and accountability throughout our sustainability journey. Our initial environmental sustainability commitments are detailed below. This will be developed and adopted into a policy in early 2024.

Baselines, Targets and Progress Reviews

CV Life will ensure effective environmental management and accountability through including the following in our Action Plan:

Working Towards Net Zero Buildings and Facilities

In order to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and work towards Net Zero we will:

Responsible Resource Use

In order to achieve efficient resource use and reduce our carbon and environmental footprints, we will:

Creating and Promoting a Positive Environmental Management Culture

A key aspect for the successful implementation of our Action Plan is the contribution and engagement of our staff and customers. To this end we will:

We are committed to playing a leading role in the regeneration and sustainability of Coventry and leaving a positive legacy within our community.

Steve Wiles
Director of Operations
CV Life