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CV Life is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected when you use CV Life services. The Privacy Notice below explains how your information is used how your privacy is protected.  

CV Life employs a Data Protection Administrator if you have any concerns or questions about how your information is kept please contact the Data Protection Administrator at

Privacy Notice

What your Personal Information is used for?
What is Personal Information?
Personal Information can be anything that identifies and relates to a living person. This can include information that, when put together with other information, can then identify a person. For example, this could be someone’s name and contact details.

Some personal information is ‘special’
Some information is ‘special’ and needs more protection due to its sensitivity. It is often information that you would not want widely known and is very personal to you. This is likely to include anything that can reveal:

Why does CV Life need your Personal Information?
CV Life may need to use some information about you to:

How the law allows us to use your Personal Information
There are several legal reasons why we need to collect and use your Personal Information.
Generally, the CV Life will collect and use personal information where:

We only use what we need!
Where we can, we will only collect and use Personal Information if we need it to deliver a service or meet a requirement. 
If we don’t need your Personal Information, then we will either keep you anonymous if we already have your information for another purpose, or we won’t ask you for it. For example, in a survey we may not need your contact details, so we will only collect your survey responses.

If we use your Personal Information for research and analysis, we will always keep you anonymous unless you have agreed that your Personal Information can be used for that research.We do not sell your personal information to anyone else.  

Marketing and communications from us

We provide you with choices regarding certain personal data uses, particularly around marketing and advertising. We may use your Identity, Contact, Technical, Usage and Profile Data to form a view on what we think you may want or need from us, or what may be of interest to you, and to decide which products, services, promotions and offers may be relevant for you, Currently our communications include information about CV Life, Centre AT7, Coventry Transport Museum, Coventry Archives, The Alan Higgs Centre, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Lifestyles Health and Fitness, Lunt Roman Fort, Mana Spa, Xcel Leisure Centre, The Wave. You will receive marketing communications from us in relation to our products and services if you are a member or a subscriber of ours and you did not opt out of receiving marketing communications from us when you joined us as a member and have not opted out of receiving marketing from us since.

Opting out: You can ask us to stop sending you marketing messages at any time by following the opt-out links on any marketing message sent to you or by contacting us at If you opt out of receiving marketing messages from us but remain a customer, you will continue to receive non-marketing communications (for example, information communications about your class bookings or other appointments with us, communications relating to the management of your membership, and service communications about your club or the services we provide you with).

Third-party marketing: We will not share your personal data with any external companies for marketing purposes unless you have given us your express opt-in consent to receive marketing from such third parties before we do so.

You can ask for access to the Personal Information
You have the right to ask for all the Personal Information we have about you;and the services you receive from us. When we receive a request from you in writing, we must give you access to everything we have recorded about you. 
 However, we cannot let you see any parts of your records that contain:

This applies to Personal Information that is in both paper and electronic records.  
If you cannot or are unable to ask for your records in writing, then we will make sure that there are other ways that you can request your records. If you have any queries about access to your Personal Information please contact  

You can ask us to make changes to your Personal Information
You should let us know if you disagree with something that is contained within the Personal Information or records that we hold in relation to you.
We may not always be able to change or remove that Personal Information, but we will correct factual inaccuracies and may include your comments in the record to show that you have requested the change.  

You can ask us to delete Personal Information (‘right to be forgotten’)
 In some circumstances, you can ask for your Personal Information to be deleted, for example: 

 Please note that we cannot delete your Personal Information where:

You can ask to limit what we use your Personal Information and Data for
You have the right to ask us to restrict what we use your Personal Information for where:

When Personal Information is restricted, it cannot be used other than to securely store the data and with your consent to handle legal claims and protect others, or where it is for important public interests of the UK.
Where restriction of use has been granted, we will inform you before we carry on using your Personal Information.
Where possible we will seek to comply with your request, but we may need to hold or use your Personal Information because we are required to by law.

You can ask to have your Personal Information moved to another provider (Data Portability)
You have the right to ask for your Personal Information to be given back to you or another service provider of your choice in a commonly used format. This is called Data Portability.

It is likely that Data Portability will not apply to most of the services you receive from CV Life. 
You also have the right to object if you are being ‘profiled’. Profiling is where decisions are made about you based on certain things contained within your Personal Information, e.g. your health conditions. 

Who do we share your Personal Information with?
We use a range of organisations to either store Personal Information or help deliver our services to you. Where we have these arrangements, there is always an agreement in in place to make sure that the organisation complies with Data Protection law. 
We will often complete a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) before we share Personal Information to make sure that we protect your privacy and comply with the law.
Sometimes we have a legal duty to provide Personal Information to other organisations. This is often because we are required by law to provide this information, such as when we are required by court orders to provide the information.
We may also share your Personal Information when we feel there is a good reason that is more important than protecting your privacy. This does not happen often, but we may share your Personal Information:

For all of these reasons, the risk must be serious before we can override your right to privacy. If this is the case, we will make sure that we record what Personal Information we share and our reasons for doing so. We will let you know what we have done and why if we think it is safe to do so.

How do we protect your Personal Information?
We will do what we can to make sure we hold records about you (on paper and electronically) in a secure way, and we will only make them available to those who have a right to see them. Examples of our security include:

How long do we keep your Personal Information?
There is  often a legal reason for keeping your Personal Information for a set period of time, so that we try to include all of these in our retention schedule

For each service, the schedule lists how long your Personal Information may be kept for. This ranges from months for some records to decades for historical records.  

Where can I get advice?
If you have any worries or questions about how your Personal Information is being handled by CV Life, then please contact our Data Protection Administrator at

Cookies (not the edible ones) and how you use this website
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They improve things by:

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Measuring how you use this website (something called ‘Analytics’)
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‘Analytics’ stores information about what pages on this site you visit; how long you are on the site; how you got here; and what you click on while you are here.
We do not collect or store any other Personal Information (e.g. your name or address) so this data cannot be used to identify who you are.
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