Aquarius Swim School Cancellation Form

We’re sorry you want to leave Aquarius Swimming School. If there is anything we can do to change your mind please contact a member of the Aquarius Team we are happy to help.

Please note:

  • All parts of the form must be completed in order to process your request for cancellation of your Aquarius Swim School Membership. Incorrect or missing information will mean your request will either take longer to process.
  • A cancellation received by the 19th of the month will be effective from the end of that month. If you cancellation is received after the 20th, it will not take effect the end of the following month.
  • You may be contacted regarding your cancellation if deemed necessary by our membership department.
  • This form is only for cancellations to Aquarius Swim School Memberships only.
    If you are looking to join this programme, please visit for more information and how to book.
    If you are looking to cancel your Lifestyles Members, please visit: Lifestyles Cancellation Form .

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