A rare look inside Coventry City’s 1987 FA Cup final parade bus

New images show what the inside of the famous Sky Blue Bus looks like today.

The bus, part of Coventry Transport Museum’s collection, is on permanent exhibition at the museum and a must visit for all Sky Blue fans.

Very few people have actually been on it in the last 36 years, meaning most people are unaware of what it looks like inside – until now.

Wembley had been a happy stomping ground for Coventry, with victories in all but one of their four appearances at the national stadium – that is until Luton Town beat the current side on penalties following a 1-1 draw last month in the Championship Play Off final.

Had Coventry been successful, the city would have turned Sky Blue. But the club’s most famous victory came in 1987 with a thrilling 3-2 win over heavy favourites Tottenham in the FA Cup Final.

The following day, the team paraded around the streets of Coventry in the now historic Sky Blue Bus.

But how much do you know about the bus?

The 1973 Daimler Fleetline was used by Coventry Transport Corporation. It has a 10,450cc engine with a top speed of just 50mph!

The ‘Fleetline’ was the last in a long line of buses manufactured by the famous Daimler Company. This particular bus was the last completed vehicle and was delivered to the Corporation in 1973 – meaning this year it turns 50.

Coventry Transport Museum acquired this bus in 1986. Due to damage the roof was removed to convert it to an open top which meant it was ideal to be used by Coventry City to parade around city streets after winning the 1987 FA Cup.

It was a task getting the bus ready in such a short space of time and as the outcome was obviously unknown, the word ‘winners’ was painted on after the rest as Sky Blue skipper Brian Kilcline climbed the famous Wembley steps to lift the trophy.

To this day, that word looks slightly brighter than the rest, not surprising considering the paint was still not dry as the bus set off with the players aboard.

For some reason, it was decided the bus would be named ‘Peeping Tom’, with the moniker painted on the side. One of the city’s more infamous inhabitants, it’s not known why this particular name was chosen.

But have you ever wondered what the bus looks like on the inside? Oggy’s view as he boarded, what Benno saw as he climbed the stairs?

Thankfully with these pictures you can see what the interior looks like ahead of Saturday’s game.

Collections Curator Megan Nass said: “The Sky Blue bus is a fascinating piece of history both from a football perspective but also because it had a life before what it is best known for.

“Like nearly all of our collection, the bus is Coventry-built, by one of the city’s most famous manufacturers – the Daimler Company.

“It was used as public transport for the people of the city for more than a decade and then went on to carry the successful Sky Blues team through the streets as Coventrians cheered on.

“So it’s steeped in Coventry’s rich history and culture in so many ways – it really is a must visit if you’re fascinated by the different stages of the city’s past.”