Biocircuit launches at CV Life’s Xcel Leisure Centre

CV Life’s Xcel Leisure Centre held a launch event for its new advanced technology gym equipment last week.

Biocircuit by Technogym is top of the range exercise apparatus that adapts to the user’s settings at the swipe of a membership band. It is now available at the centre – the only venue in the Midlands to have the Biocircuit.

The intuitive technology moulds itself to the user, meaning members will not have to fiddle with adjustments or move heavy weights – allowing users to focus solely on their fitness regime.

Due to the low impact nature of the equipment, mixed with its AI-style understanding and high end quality, it is hoped Biocircuit will be a hit with experienced and passionate gym users, but also with those living with health conditions who can tailor the machines to their own requirements.

The Technogym equipment includes familiar machines such as treadmill and upright exercise bike, as well as weight machines like the leg curl, chest and shoulder press, plus leg extension, vertical traction and total abdominal machines.

Workouts are short and tailored to the user, the machines guiding you as you go, almost like having your own personal trainer in the gym with you.

The launch was attended by CV Life senior leadership and management team, as well as trustees members plus Techno Gym representatives. Those attending were treated to a demonstration of how the equipment works.

Chris Panter is Wellness Manager for CV Life. He said: “We’re really excited to be the first Midlands venue to have Biocircuit Technogym and be able to offer this magnificent technology to our members.

“The machines are suitable for everyone, regardless of experience or capability. We envisage it being popular with people who take training seriously but also with people who are looking to get themselves in shape, those over 50, perhaps people with less mobility or long-term health conditions – we hope in time to be able to accept health referrals from the NHS. 

“But we can also use Biocircuit for corporate wellbeing, which could help build relationships with businesses or possibly local sports teams. The long-term vision is for this to be a focal point around Xcel becoming a wellness hub that welcomes community clinics including musculoskeletal physio and rehab sessions.”

Chris added: “The equipment is sleek, stylish and intuitive – making workouts engaging and enjoyable. I think this kind of equipment will be the norm in years to come, so I’m really pleased Xcel Leisure Centre is staying ahead of the curve and offering it now. I think it will be really popular.”

Alan Shaw, Trustee for CV Life said: “I’m really impressed with how much this kind of technology can assist and promote healthy lifestyles and good workouts.

“All the stations are safe to use, you won’t push yourself too much. I was really impressed. So it won’t just accommodate superfit athletes, it will be really user friendly for older people or those with health impediments will be able to use it and feel at home. I’m just a bit disappointed I forgot to bring my tracksuit!”

The Technogym equipment will enjoy its own room and space at Xcel Leisure Centre. Memberships are available to purchase now, be it standalone or as bolt-ons to existing memberships.

Find out more about Biocircuit Technogym on CV Life’s Lifestyles website.