Core Strength Exercise Classes Having an Impact on Elderly Residents

A CV Life exercise class with a difference is having an impact on older residents in Coventry. 

The core strength session is currently enjoying an initial six week stint at the Gilbert Richards Centre in Earlsdon, run in conjunction between the organisation’s lifestyles team and Age UK.

It focuses on core strengths, balance, posture and strength, with gentle exercises which can be performed standing up or sitting down. Music from the 50s, 60s and 70s is played in the background which helps bring a fun and energetic feel to the sessions.

Mary has been coming to the sessions since they started and has already noticed a difference. 

“To begin with, I was very nervous of the movements,” she explained. “But as time has gone on I’ve gotten stronger and more comfortable.

“I’ve really noticed the difference the class has had in helping with my balance and my general fitness, so I hope the classes continue.”

Group exercise coordinator Simon Blay said: “The sessions have been going really well, with lots of different people coming along.

“We really hope these sessions will help attendees in the long term with their core strength as they go into later life – but they’ll also help in the short term, with the sessions getting the blood pumping a bit and the endorphins running around their bodies.

“We have people of different genders, different ages, as well as different capabilities and needs, so we can tailor the session to the individual.

“Fun is important, because if they are coming and enjoying it they will be much more likely to continue doing it – we have some great 60s music in the background which really seems to go down well.

“When the six weeks are over, we are hoping to start a new six week programme in the new year but we will give them exercises to take home with them and hopefully they’ll keep it up in the meantime.”

Sophia, one of CV Life’s group exercise instructors who deliver the classes, said: “We want to keep the sessions engaging and fun while also focusing on the social side of it.

“We work on posture, core strength with some weight exercises, a bit of aerobics. Exercise can be such a social thing as well so we try to keep it engaging.

“For people who are thinking of coming but are unsure, just give it a go. Exercise has so many benefits and is for everyone, so give it a bash!”