Coventry woman tells how she reversed prediabetes diagnosis thanks to CV Life’s Biocircuit

A Coventry woman has revealed how she lost three dress sizes and reversed a prediabetes diagnosis in the space of four months.

Cafe worker Nina admits she has always been ‘very lazy’ when it comes to exercise and staying healthy. But she says new futuristic gym equipment at CV Life’s Xcel Leisure Centre has revolutionised her approach to keeping fit.

Biocircuit by Technogym is top of the range exercise apparatus that adapts to the user’s settings at the swipe of a membership band.

The intuitive technology moulds itself to the user, meaning members will not have to fiddle with adjustments or move heavy weights – allowing users to focus solely on their fitness regime.

The ease of the equipment means it can be used by anyone, and Nina says using Biocircuit is not only fun, but also quite compelling.

“I was a very, very lazy person, and I was too scared to use the gym,” Nina shared. “But I was diagnosed prediabetic and my doctor told me I needed to change my diet and exercise more.

“So I joined Biocircuit four months ago and the equipment was just so easy to use. In normal gyms I’d look at other people and worry I didn’t know what I was doing, but because Biocircuit is in its own little room, there is no one watching you, you feel within your comfort zone.

“I started off lifting 10kg, now I’m lifting 25kg – the more you lift the more you lose. I no longer feel so heavy, I don’t have joint pain anymore. You get to the point where you enjoy it so much it comes kind of addictive.

“I’ve also been eating smaller portions and making healthier choices and I am now no longer prediabetic.”

The Biocircuit equipment enjoys its own room and space at Xcel. Memberships are available to purchase now, be it standalone or as bolt-ons to existing memberships.

Chris Panter is Wellness Manager for CV Life. He said: “We were really excited to be the first Midlands venue to have Biocircuit Technogym and be able to offer this magnificent technology to our members.

“The machines are suitable for everyone, regardless of experience or capability. The equipment is sleek, stylish and intuitive – making workouts engaging and enjoyable.

“It’s fantastic to see it being utilised by people like Nina and seeing the proof just how important this kind of equipment can be in helping people manage a healthy lifestyle.”

Find out more about Biocircuit Technogym on CV Life’s Lifestyles website.