CV Life launches inaugural school partners football league at Centre AT7

The first ever CV Life School Partners Football League kicked off Centre AT7 last week.

Years Three and Four boys from six Coventry schools donned their boots and shin pads last Thursday and will compete to be the first team to lift the trophy for the first time.

It is hoped adding a competitive element will pull at the children’s school pride and get them fit and active as they aim to get their hands on the league title.

One of the schools involved was Frederick Bird Primary School.

PE Lead from the school Mr Phillips said: “The kids were so excited to come, to get out of school early and come and play football – even though it was raining!

“The standard has been really good, the children have gotten better and better through training which is really encouraging.

“Seeing the look of excitement of their faces when went to pick them up from their classroom, they leave like heroes, they’re so excited to be here, their behaviour is impeccable, they don’t mind being substituted, they’re just happy to be part of a good team.

“Getting the children active is huge – really, really important. You can get so much happiness from it and have so much fun too so to be able to give them opportunities like this really sets that in stone and I hope we’ll be able to give future children the same opportunity too.”

Luke Rippington is CV Life’s Education Coordinator.

He said: “This is an opportunity for new people to play football. Not everyone can play locally  – it can be expensive and parents can’t always make the commitments.

“So this is a good chance to make football accessible which is extremely important as there might be some undiscovered talent. We’ve already spotted some great players. The standard has been really good, the parents have been here cheering them on so it’s been a lovely atmosphere.

“Going forward we really hope that next season we have more and more teams involved. We have 24 partner schools so we hope to eventually have all of them involved in the future.”