CV Life partner schools take part in Lunt Fort Roman Sports Day

CV Life’s Roman Sports Day at the Lunt Roman Fort in Baginton saw a wonderful fusion of historical education and physical activity this week.

This unique event, held across two days, aimed to engage children across CV Life partner schools in a creative learning experience that combined Roman history with sports.

Ben Tidy, Education Manager at CV Life, said: “The idea was to bring all of our partner schools together. We wanted to use this historic place as a Roman Sports Day venue, encouraging children who don’t get many opportunities to participate in sports. Here, they can learn about the Romans and also be part of various sports activities.”

The event offered children a unique opportunity to explore Roman culture and history through interactive sessions and games designed around ancient Roman sports. The goal was to provide a platform where students could learn in an engaging and dynamic environment.

Ben praised the efforts of the CV Life team in making the event a success: “The staff and everybody here have been amazing in organising the event. We hope to push this initiative forward, making it an annual event where children can not only experience the facilities and learn about the Romans but also get involved in numerous sports.”

The day featured various activities such as sword fighting, javelin throwing, and Roman-inspired relay races, allowing children to immerse themselves in a blend of historical reenactment and athletic competition. 

CV Life’s Roman Sports Day not only provided a unique educational experience but also strengthened community ties by bringing together schools from across the region. The event underscored CV Life’s commitment to innovative educational programs that inspire and engage students beyond the classroom. 

With plans to make the Roman Sports Day an annual event, CV Life aims to continue offering enriching experiences that combine learning with active participation in the coming years.