CV Life’s Community Development gets grant to keep delivering important Coventry Moves scheme

CV Life’s Community Development team have been granted £79,748 to continue delivering the widely respected and successful Coventry Moves programme for another 12 months.

This substantial grant, awarded by the Commonwealth Active Communities organisation, will enable the program to expand its efforts to promote physical activity and improve community wellbeing in Coventry.

Coventry Moves, launched with the aim of tackling isolation amongst over 55s while also inspiring residents to engage in active lifestyles, has received widespread acclaim for its diverse range of activities that cater to all age groups and abilities.

Popular programming includes the much-loved Sporting Memories, walking sports such as netball, rugby and football, plus an array of classes, groups and social activities.

With the new funding, CV Life plans to enhance these existing programs while also introducing innovative initiatives aimed at increasing participation across the city.

Wendy Jackson, CV Life’s Head of Community Development, led CV Life’s grant application.

She said: “We are thrilled to receive this generous support from the Commonwealth Active Communities. This funding will be instrumental in continuing our mission to make physical activity accessible and enjoyable for everyone in Coventry. Our team is committed to delivering a range of activities that not only promote health but also foster community spirit and engagement.

“We’ve already done some fantastic work and made such an incredible impact on so many lives. So the fact that we’ve got the chance to keep delivering on Coventry Moves makes me both proud and excited.”

The success of Coventry Moves is attributed to its collaborative approach, working closely with local organisations and community groups to tailor activities to the needs of Coventry’s diverse population. The continued support will further strengthen these partnerships, allowing CV Life to reach more residents and encourage a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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