CV Life’s Engage Tag Rugby final at Butts Park Arena a ‘fantastic celebration of sport in Coventry’

A month long tag rugby tournament featuring over 30 Coventry schools and hundreds of children has culminated in a grand finale in professional settings this week.

After three preliminary rounds, ten schools made the trip to the home of Coventry Rugby Club, the Butts Park Arena, on Tuesday (July 18) for the Engage Tag Rugby Tournament final.

The event, organised and run by CV Life Engage, has seen scores of children learn a new sport, all while being active and picking up some transferable key skills.

And while only two teams could come out on top, one in the boys category and one in the girls, the real winner of the day was fun, with dozens of youngsters leaving the event with huge smiles on their faces.

Luke Kennedy, Engage, Sport and Community Coordinator for CV Life, said: “It’s been a fantastic day, lots of teams came to play and there has been some quality rugby. While you can see some players have played before, there has been a few players you can see who have just started but have taken to it straight away.

“It’s great to know this tournament could lead to players taking up the sport outside of school too. It’s a great game, rugby. Lots of transferable skills and the values of the sport help in your everyday life too.

“Playing at this facility has really inspired the kids, but being at the brilliant venue, with parents watching and cheering them along, it’s  just been a  superb day and great tournament – seeing the progression of the children from the early tournaments to today has been incredible.”

While the tournament was incredibly tight, with no team running away with it, the girl’s category saw Broad Heath emerge victorious, while among the boys Grange Farm were crowned champions.

Mark Rawlings, PE Teacher at Broad Heath, said: “Today is what the girls have been working towards, they’ve been massively looking forward to it. The day has been great, a fantastic celebration of rugby and sport in Coventry.

“But coming and playing in these fantastic facilities has really inspired them. They’ve played with friends, had fun and generally had a brilliant time – it’s a day they will never forget.

“Also our head teacher is leaving this term after 20 years so this will be a nice leaving present for her.”

James McCall, PE Teacher at Grange Farm said: “It’s been a great day, really well set up and organised.

“The children have been buzzing since the last round so they’ve been well up for it today.

“The standard has been really high, it was so close for the boys, just one try in it for them in the final.

“The girls came in third place, so they did really well too. We’ve been trying to boost numbers in girls participation sports like rugby and they’ve been really keen and enthusiastic which has made it easier.”