Dippy, the Nation’s Favourite Dinosaur in Coventry – one week on

It’s one week today since Dippy, The Nation’s Favourite Dinosaur, stomped its way into Coventry at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

The arrival of the Jurassic giant has seen over 12,000 people flock to the venue in less than seven days.

A frantic week has seen this world class exhibition bask in the adoration of so many spellbound kids and adults alike.

It’s been national news on some of the country’s biggest TV outlets, including BBC, ITV, Sky News as well as regional and national radio coverage. 

Dippy’s arrival was also included in dozens of national tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, as well as hundreds of regional news outlets online.

The news was so extensive, it was estimated to have been viewed 210 million people last Monday and Tuesday alone. To put that in perspective, that’s a publicity value of over £2M.

CV Life’s Cultural Director Marguerite Nugent said: “Everyone loves a dinosaur and Dippy is iconic. This is a fantastic opportunity not just for CV Life but for Coventry residents and the city as a whole so we are all super excited.

“Everywhere this exhibition goes, that place enjoys the ‘The Dippy Effect’ – increased footfall and lots of economic benefits. We think it will have a big effect on the visitor economy so it will really benefit everybody.

“We have lots of plans to make the most of Dippy and it’s going to be a great three years.”

Lorraine Cornish of the Natural History Museum where Dippy has been on display for over 100 years, said: “We’re really pleased Dippy is coming to Coventry. 

“The staff were so excited, they were watching every day at the install and I know they have some great events planned so we’re really happy to be lending one of our most iconic skeletons to Coventry. 

“Dippy’s been a media star ever since going on display and literally millions of people have come to see, and no one is ever disappointed.”

(Photo Credit: Fix Six Photography)