Doze Under Dippy in pictures

Families from around the country gathered in Coventry this weekend for a prehistoric slumber party.

Doze Under Dippy at the city’s Herbert Art Gallery & Museum saw dino-loving families pack into the venue on Saturday (18 November).

Designed for inquisitive and adventurous children aged 6-11, the event included late night torch-lit tours of the museum, arts and crafts, a chance to get hands-on with the Herbert’s own fossil collection, plus all the fun Dippy facts you can imagine.

The sell-out event, which will be repeated in January and February, went down a storm, with one parent who attended saying her children were left ‘bubbling with excitement’. 

Laura Newell attended with her children Dotty and Logan.

Laura said: “I would absolutely recommend people go to Doze Under Dippy if they get the chance. It was really personalised, really immersive. I found it so interesting. But more importantly the children were so engaged and were just bubbling over with excitement.

“Dotty and Logan found setting up camp underneath Dippy’s tail so magical. We were put in groups, so the children got to know others, and did lots of activities. They had such a great time they’ve already asked to go again!

Dotty added: “The best bit was junk modelling, I made Dippy the Dinosaur out of card and newspaper. I couldn’t take it home though because it was too big!

“In the morning we had breakfast – it was a big buffet! Then we went to the studio to do a wake up dance.”

Lisa Ford is Head of Learning and Engagement for CV Life, the organisation that runs the Herbert, and attended the event with her own family.

Lisa said: “Having a sleepover event has been an ambition of the museum’s for a long time and welcoming Dippy has been a great reason to get this unique event over the line. 

“Saturday was just the first of many, as we have further Doze Under Dippy events planned for the public in the New Year and events booked for organised groups too.

“It was a ROARing success and was smooth running on the night. We had 4 activities for families to take part in across the night, all led by our Learning Assistants who were dressed up as Dino Explorers that really added to the theme and atmosphere of the evening. 

“Not only did I view this event with my work hat on, but also as a parent, as I attended with my daughter and husband. Seeing the event through the eyes of my 8-year-old gave me a great perspective on everything. 

“The activities were really engaging and just the general awe-inspiring experience for the children, feeling like V.I.P’s, running around the building with their torches, slippers and sleeping bags is something that will give them lifelong memories and something to shout out about with their friends.”

The event was made possible because of hard work and lots of planning from departments across the organisation.

Lisa added: “I want to extend huge thanks to Indy who has coordinated and planned the Doze Under Dippy events, pulling all the finer details together and liaising with parents along the way. 

“It’s been a massive undertaking and really taken us out of our comfort zones, but you wouldn’t know this based on how well the event was delivered. Also, thanks to the wider supporting team of Joe and Catherine who stayed overnight and supported throughout the evening, along with the work from across Operations, Marketing and Collections who supported with the inception of the sleepovers. 

“One down….many more to go!”

The next Doze Under Dippy events will be 27 January 2024 and 24 February 2024. Tickets are limited and have already proven popular so booking sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment is recommended.

Find out more information, including how to book, here.