‘It’s my passion and I love it’: meet CV Life’s new Engage, Sport and Community Coordinator

CV Life’s community team are welcoming a new member after coach Luke Kennedy was appointed the new Engage, Sport and Community Coordinator.

The 21-year-old has just graduated with a psychology degree, and while you might think he’s at the beginning of his career, he’s already accrued five years experience working for CV Life in sports facilities and schools across the city while undergoing his studies.

While Luke did consider doing a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE), he ultimately decided his immediate future lay with CV Life.

I caught up with Luke, pictured above third from the left, to discuss his career, new role and hopes for the future.

“There is a clear progression ladder at CV Life, and that’s one of the things I like,” Luke said. “If you work hard you can really get on.

“I’m in my sixth year at the company. I started out as a sport coach, I did a year at Whittle with Ryan Quinn, then at 17 I had my own school at Aldermoor Farm and I’ve been there ever since.

“Working in schools was what I really wanted to do. I loved school myself, I went back and did work experience at my old school and loved it, so from then I’ve wanted that to be my career.

“I graduated this year and had offers for a PGCE placement to start in September. But I felt like I still had things to achieve at CV Life.

“I spoke with Ben Tidy and Stuart Bird and they showed me a clear path I can take into teaching with this role – so I’m excited to get started. Doing the emails and meetings is new to me and I’ll be going into different schools, making contacts, having meetings with senior leadership teams – it all stands me in good stead for when I do eventually move into teaching.

“My favourite thing about working with children is having a positive influence on them. The school I’ve worked in most is in a poorer area and being able to engage with them and make a difference is so rewarding. Managing behaviour is my biggest strength, and I think my degree has come in handy.”

Though Luke sees his long term future moving into teaching, he admits working with the community team, while learning transferable skills and getting his name about among Coventry schools, was too much of a draw.

“I like working with the team,” he said. “You can really tell it is a team, it’s a great atmosphere and everyone is so supportive.

“When I started, Ryan Quinn was doing the same sort of thing I am now, so he’s someone who I’ve looked up to and watching him move up through the company to centre manager is really inspirational.

“But teaching is my primary goal – that’s my passion I love it.”