Meet the award-winning Modern Apprentice having a huge impact at CV Life

When it comes to Modern Apprentices (MAs) CV Life boasts a flurry of current senior staff members who started their careers this way.

But one recent MA has really been catching attention thanks to her dedication, versatility and leadership qualities.

Mia Redmond, 19, has just finished her MA, run in conjunction between CV Life and Aspire, after almost two years of determination and hard work. But any sacrifices she made during that time have now fully paid off.

Not only has she graduated with a DISTINCTION grade, the highest possible result, she has also been awarded Apprentice of the Year.

I caught up with Mia this week to talk about her CV Life journey.

Growing up in Eastern Green, she attended the local primary school and then Heart of England Secondary. The talented teen excelled at physical activity, but her passion really lay with Irish Dancing – a hobby she has enjoyed her whole life.

So after finishing school, she decided working in a sports environment would be ideal.

“I didn’t know anyone when I first started,” Mia explains. “But I soon made loads of really good friends. We all had each other’s backs, helping each other out when we were struggling with coursework.”

Not only did Mia excel with her own coursework, she often helped struggling colleagues when they became stuck, showing a real sense of leadership among her cohorts.

“I just love helping people,” Mia admits humbly. “If some of my friends were struggling I’d just really want to help them.”

This comradery stuck with the group, and Mia says a lot of them have become “friends for life”.

“Meeting such an amazing group of people has definitely been one of my highlights,” Mia said. “As well as exploring and working at all the different centres.”

Mia has spent her time achieving Level 1 and Level 2 swim teacher qualifications, a lifeguard qualification, as well a gym instructor qualification.

With so many practical strings to her bow, not to mention a DISTINCTION and Apprentice of the Year Award, what does the future hold for Mia?

“I’m in no rush now but I definitely see myself moving up in the company when I hopefully get the opportunity,” Mia said.

“I’m on reception every other Wednesday, I do some lifeguard shifts and the rest of the time I’m teaching swimming – and that’s what I like about it, there is so much variety so it really keeps you engaged.

Asked what advice she’d give to the incoming batch of MAs, Mia imparted: “Just get it done, get your head down, work hard and you’ll do it.”

Nicola, Deputy Centre Manager at Xcel, has worked closely with Mia.

She said: “Mia has come on a lot since she started with us, being a lifeguard who is well respected by customers – she has also received some great school feedback regarding her swimming teaching.

“She has excelled in everything she has done over the course of her apprenticeship. Not only that, she was also around for the boys if they needed help with their coursework.

“Her Aspire tutor thinks very highly of her and she has just completed her EPA with a DISTINCTION. She’s also been awarded Apprentice of the year.

“These two achievements really highlight Mia’s dedication and we’re very proud of her.

“We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her – she is always showing the company values of Pride, Passion and Performance in everything she does.”

Well done Mia, keep up the amazing work!