New partnership getting children AND parents active in Willenhall

A new partnership between CV Life and a Coventry school is proving popular with both parents and pupils.

Almost 30 pupils from Willenhall Primary attended the school’s playing fields on 10 June to enjoy a morning of sporting activity – with breakfast thrown in too.

CV Life coaches were on hand to give those attending a fun and energetic time consisting of sport and games, with the assistance of the school’s PE lead Jon Openshaw.

But the organisation also assisted in helping the school secure the funding necessary to hold the weekly sessions for one year. There are plans in the pipeline for further funding bids, as well as the aim to put on similar sessions aimed at adults to run alongside the children’s sessions at the same time and place.

It is hoped the partnership, which is part of the Go Willenhall Programme, will see the school integrate more and more into the local community. 

Nathan Blundell, CV Life’s Community Development Manager, said: “CV Life have been working closely with Willenhall Primary School to help provide another local facility which is more accessible for the provision of sports and physical activities. 

“The first stage of the partnership saw Willenhall Primary School being supported by CV Life in applying for funding from the Think Active – Opening Schools Facilities Fund. A short deadline of five days meant both partners had to work together and submit the application. 

“The application for funding was successful for year 1 of the fund and aided the schools in securing £8000 for the purchase of equipment. 

“With the new equipment we are now working closely with the school to host a weekly sports session for children attending Willenhall Primary School up until the Summer Holiday. The aim of the sessions is to provide open access sports provision to those children who would not normally be able to attend additional activities due to varying factors. 

“The parents attending were thankful for the session as two of them said their children don’t normally do additional activities but with it being at school their child wanted to attend with their friends.”

Nathan added: “It’s fantastic CV Life is able to work closely with communities through the Go Willenhall project. 

“Something we pride ourselves on is getting people active and moving, but the fact is that many people don’t have spaces nearby that are accessible and safe.

“Families should have places they can go to enjoy being active together, they should feel confident and happy in doing so and that’s what we’ve helped create at Willenhall primary.”

Jon Openshaw, Year 6 Teacher as well as PE lead, said: “The children really enjoyed coming into school to do more activities on Saturday. 

“Parents were also appreciative of the session and said how it was easier due to its closeness rather than accessing other centres – especially those with multiple children. 

“The support CV Life have given the project has meant we can have three times as many children as we would have been able to engage without their support.”

With the first year’s funding secured, CV Life will support the school in applying for a further two years funding in a bid to ensure the long term future of the sessions.