The Wave hosting swim sessions for women recently arrived to the city

The Wave has been hosting female only swim sessions for people who have recently arrived in Coventry, fleeing conflict and persecution in their home country.

As a City of Peace and Reconciliation, Coventry has a longstanding reputation of welcoming people from across the world looking for a safer and happier life.

CV Life, which runs The Wave, has been working with Coventry City Council’s Migration Team to bring some much-needed exercise, fun and interaction to people who have sadly seen little of such things since their arrival.

Together, the two organisations have compiled a programme of swimming lessons and access to facilities which has given these women a new lease of life. Many of the group have never swum before.

But the programme is not only giving them new experiences but also getting them engaging and integrating with their surroundings.

Sport can be a great escape from what is going on in your life and really help with mental and physical well-being. The sessions have not only got women out doing a fun activity but has also ignited new friendships.

CV Life’s Community Manager Wendy Jackson said: “At CV Life we think sport should be accessible to everyone.

“Due to their circumstances, many of these women have been unable to do leisure activities like swimming. Many couldn’t swim, some were scared of the water. Others loved swimming but hadn’t been able to go since coming here.

“So it’s fantastic we’re able to facilitate exclusive sessions at The Wave and I’m really proud to see the progress they’ve made and the impact these sessions have had on their lives.”

Cllr Welsh, Cabinet Member Housing and Communities, said: “It’s fantastic to see that we have teamed up with CV Life to give new community members the opportunity to shine. 

“Not only are we offering these ladies swimming sessions, gaining vital skills and keeping them active, but we’re also helping them to integrate into a new community more easily and feel at home in Coventry.”