With January in full swing, meet CV Life’s fantastic personal trainers

Gone are the mince pies and festive drinks, January is here, a time many see as the perfect opportunity to try and be healthier. 

Many make a return to the gym to sweat out the excess, but a lot of people are back to old habits come the start of February.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your consistency and make sure those resolutions are adhered to, a personal trainer (PT) might be just the thing.

Luckily here at CV Life, we have several PTs based across the city who are experts in their field. All have extensive experience, with varying specialties and all have a host of success stories under their belts.

So keep reading to find out who our PTs are.

Harj Kundra – HK: Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition.

Harj has been in the fitness industry since 2012 thanks to a passion for being in the gym environment and making positive changes to himself physically and mentally. 

Harj said: “Over the years and especially since becoming a certified Online Trainer, I have a newfound vision when it comes to serving my clients. This is especially true when looking beyond fitness and delving deeper into lifestyle and nutritional habits. That’s why my business is called HK: Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition. This is where the real magic happens. 

“By working closely with my online clients in these areas, they begin to see past their busy lifestyles. They find it easier to visualise a fitter and healthier version of themselves – one that is achievable.

“When you sign up as a client, you can expect not only somebody who tells you how to do the exercises but also supports you in the life you lead outside your training. Through my online coaching packages, I provide strategies that will complement your unique lifestyle. This makes achieving your goals realistic and rewarding. 

“My specialty areas are working with office-based professionals and helping them not only lose weight, but also improve mobility, increase energy, build confidence, and build strength.

“What keeps me going? Watching my clients grow stronger not only physically, but also mentally. I believe fitness is a mental game. Watching my clients achieve this reminds me of why I do what I do.”

Hamish McCauley – Strong Bodies

Hamish has a background mainly consisting of sport. He became a PT after he himself but on some weight and went through a body transformation that changed his life. He now uses that experience to help others start similar journeys.

Hamish said: “A few years ago I lost my way a bit, I was struggling with mental health and became quite heavily overweight. So I went through a body transformation. Getting in shape and pushing myself in the gym, helped me push myself in other parts of my life and made me feel a lot better.

“Your physical wellbeing is so important to your mental health. If you’re being active and healthy you are winning the game. Proving to yourself everyday what you can do, setting those alarms, setting those targets and breaking through them.

“I specialise in body transformations for men and women, be it gym newbies or people who have a bit more experience, I cater to all.

“Seeing someone’s face when they’ve been through a body transformation, the joy when they realise where they’ve been and where they are now, it’s like night and day. That’s what I love most about what I do.”

Earl James

Earl has been a PT based out of Xcel for over ten years. Like many PTs his entire life has been about being active and physically fit. Unlike most PTs, Earl spent ten years as a Royal Marine serving in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately an accident which occurred in the line of duty while in the Middle East led to a life-changing back injury. After years of rehab and recovery from spinal fusion surgery, he was medically discharged.

He decided to use it as an opportunity to set his life in a different direction, training to become a personal trainer, using his experience of adversity to inspire others to get fit and healthy.

So if you’re on the lookout for a personal trainer, choosing Earl wouldn’t just be about gaining physical strength; but rather about being guided by someone who understands the mental and emotional aspects of the fitness journey. Earl’s story resonates with clients looking for more than a workout routine – they seek a trainer who has faced challenges, overcome adversity, and emerged stronger, ready to impart that resilience to others.

In essence, Earl is not just a personal trainer; he’s a coach, a mentor, and a source of inspiration for those looking to embark on their fitness endeavours. His infectious passion and genuine care make him the kind of personal trainer you don’t just train with – you train alongside, knowing that you have a dedicated ally in achieving your fitness goals.

Find out more about Earl here.


Florin has always been interested in fitness and spent a lifetime involved in sport – he is also an amateur boxer. Getting results and helping people is a real motivation of his.

Florin said: “Helping someone who is a beginner, maybe a bit overweight, or overcoming a health issue or maybe just trying to gain some muscle, generally helping people, is a real passion.

“You work with them, you sweat together and strive for the right result, then at the end when they are happy, they are more functional in their body and daily life, it’s really fulfilling for me.

“It’s amazing knowing youve been able to help somebody in need, making their life better is a really nice feeling.

“I try to mix a bit of everything to make my sessions fun and engaging, it doesn’t have to be too serious, I want them to enjoy it. 

“On the technical side we will do cardio, weight training, functional training, biometrics mayne then some stretches at the end, we’ll do it all.”
Find out more about our PTs here.