Schools Sessions

Outdoor Education

Coventry’s only purpose built outdoor education area is located at Centre AT7, featuring a climbing / abseiling wall, archery range, high and low ropes courses and team building area.

CV Life can provide your pupils with challenging and stimulating outdoor adventure without the stress of an out of city trip.

Swimming Lessons

State of the art facilities and experienced teachers form the core of the ‘Aquarius Schools’ Swim School. With pools in the north and south of Coventry, schools are able to access the venue that is nearest to them in order to minimise travel time. The Xcel Leisure Centre in the south of the city provides a 25m pool with adjustable floor height.


CV Life can provide highly qualified and experienced staff who deliver high quality lessons in PE / Games lessons. Full or Half Days are available and staff can fit into carousel systems if required.

Schools are provided with full planning and we aim to use a nominated member of staff for each school to enable consistency of delivery.


Much of the focus of Sport Premium Spend is to increase competition opportunities for pupils. CV Life can provide staff and resources to organise and deliver intra school competitions between houses and school teams, which can also support pupils towards representation at inter school competitions that are already scheduled at CV Life’s modern sports centres throughout 2015 /16.

Breakfast and After School Clubs

Coaches can run high quality out of school clubs in a wide range of sports.

Why not try something different to attract a wider range of pupils… Archery, Cheerleading, Drama, Orienteering, Zumba, Speed Cup Stacking or Messy Play? Traditional clubs are also available.


CV Life provide qualified, experienced and highly skilled staff to work alongside teachers to increase their knowledge, understanding and confidence in PE and Games delivery. CV Life offers specialist coaches in Gymnastics, Dance, Performing Arts, Outdoor Activities and a wide range of sports. All of CV Life’s upskilling coaches receive Ofsted training and regular professional development.

Lunchtime Playground Management

Experienced staff can support the planning and implementation of playground zoning and deliver sports leader training through lunchtime sessions.

Gifted and Talented Sessions

CV Life will be inviting talented pupils from local schools to attend a range of Gifted and Talented sessions from its city wide portfolio of sports centres. Pupils will be challenged to meet higher performance standards through high level coaching and working within groups of similarly talented peers


Specialist coaches can offer out-of-school hours or curriculum intervention sessions. These focus on sport fundamentals and help pupils to develop the skills and confidence to participate fully in mainstream PE and Games. Working closely with schools, we can support the delivery of individual pupil plans and help pupils with behaviour through mentoring support.


Training/Upskilling sessions are mini workshops for teachers to have after school or on teacher training days in sports/activities schools feel staff need to increase their knowledge on e.g. we delivered a one hour session workshop of gymnastics to build a basic understanding on how teachers could deliver a session independently or use as an insight which can be built on to deliver a six week programme alongside a coach.

For more information for our school services please contact Wendy Jackson: